The 2021 Sustainable Living Festival aims to be minimal waste and low carbon so all measures will be taken to reduce waste, ban and/or minimise one-use plastics and reduce the festival's carbon footprint.


All exhibitors, presenters and partners of the 2021 Sustainable Living Festival must agree to adopt the following practices:

  • Minimise waste by using reusable, recyclable or compostable products and packaging.

  • Single use plastic products such as straws, water bottles, plates, bowls, cutlery and condiment packaging is prohibited.

  • Minimise the use of promotional materials or giveaways to the public such as balloons, show bags, stationery, plastic toys etc.

  • Use renewable and low-energy appliances and lighting at stalls and associated displays or activities.

  • All products that are shared, sold and sourced should be sustainably and ethically sourced and locally and organically produced