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Jessica Robbins,

Founder and Director of the Tasmanian Way

MC Speakers Corner


Jessica’s mission is to help Tasmanians be genuine leaders in sustainability. She founded the Tasmanian Way to engage Tasmanians in collaborating to shape a thriving future. Jessica has worked with some of the world’s most formidable island leaders to inspire ambitious commitments to climate change and sustainability. She brings rich experience in collaboration, leadership and systems change. Jessica works with Tasmanian Leaders to influence positive change as well as consults in Tasmania and globally on taking action to implement the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

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Dr Tom Remenyi
Climate Researcher
University of Tasmania

Tom will present a short history of climate science, explaining why the market has confidence in the future projections and is demanding organisations take action. He will then present a few brief examples of how climate change is impacting on Tasmania. 


Professor Dominic (Dom) Geraghty
Pro-Vice Chancellor (Launceston)
University of Tasmania

Professor Dom Geraghty is the University’s Pro Vice-Chancellor (Launceston), driving delivery of the Northern Transformation’s vision and strategic objectives for our city and region.  Join him as he shares the exciting sustainability-focused direction the  new Inveresk Precinct will take the university and our beautiful city.


Dr Graeme Stevenson
Senior Tasmanian of the Year 2020


Dr Graeme Stevenson walks around with dung beetles glued to his hat, waxes lyrical about earthworms and may start singing at any moment. It's no surprise that the passionate and effervescent "poo-ologist" has been winning the hearts of Tasmanians for well over 30 years.  Join Graeme as he talks about promoting healthy soil, the importance of dung beetles and earthworms, how to establish your own Landcare Groups and growing your own vegetables


Bonnie Tuttle
Local Economies for a Sustainable Future
Bonnie will discuss the issues with globalisation and the growth economy, and discuss the many benefits of local community economies for long term sustainability of people and planet. Listen as she outlines alternatives to the traditional capitalist economy, and the many elements of a community economy which are not traditionally considered.


Mark Love

Bootstrap Enterprises

Mark Love will outline the plans to develop a locally owned and operated organic waste recycling/waste to energy centre using anaerobic digestion and pyrolysis technologies.

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Gabrielle Stannus

Landscape Designer
Inwardout Studio


Indoor plants are all the rage on Instagram! However, their appeal extends well beyond their surface. Besides looking good, indoor plants can make your home or business a healthier, more productive place to live or work in. Find out how with Gabrielle Stannus, local Landscape Designer and board member of the national Interior Plantscape Association. Gabrielle will also recommend plants for different interior situations and share some maintenance tips to ensure your plants stay healthy and you do too.

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Brynn O'Brien
ACCR's Executive Director.

An experienced lawyer and strategist, and is an expert in corporate governance, active ownership, and environmental, social and governance (ESG) materiality

Elisabeth Baraka
ACCR's Chief Operations Officer
An experienced human rights lawyer and manager of non-profit teams in Africa, Asia, Europe, the USA and Australia, with a focus on corporate accountability and rule of law development.

Under Australian law, 100 or more shareholders can bring a resolution to a company's Annual General Meeting, and so have a voice in how a company they're investing in is run. The Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility (ACCR) is a non-profit organisation that supports investors to raise ethical issues of importance to them with companies. Brynn and/or Elisabeth will speak about how shareholders have been able to influence companies on how they treat our climate, their workers, and indigenous people, why it's important for investors to hold companies to account as part of sustainable living, and how you can get involved.


Rees Campbell
Feisty Tasmania
Growing and cooking edible Tasmanian native plants

Living within our means, our patch and or planet is essential for an overall sustainable way of life.  Forget low food miles – truly sustainable gardening should mean low food metres. A biodiverse native and introduced mixed garden is extremely healthy – and healthy for the gardeners and cooks too.  Listen as Rees tells you how.  

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NRM North
NRM North works together with industry, community, and all levels of government to ensure the healthy functioning of Northern Tasmania’s landscapes and seascapes, to sustain our livelihoods and lifestyles and protect the wellbeing of nature. Hear how they combine traditional and contemporary knowledge to achieve productivity and resilience. Through stock and pasture management, caring for our waterways, weed control, planting native seedlings to support biodiversity and threatened species recovery, and responsible pet ownership - there are many ways to get involved.  


Ryan Wilkinson
Biosecurity Tasmania

Ryan Wilkinson, Industry Collaboration Manager for Biosecurity Tasmania, will be delivering a presentation on some recent changes to Tasmania’s biosecurity legislation and the recent introduction of the General Biosecurity Duty (or GBD).  The GBD reinforces that everyone has a role to play in protecting our unique environment and primary industries against biosecurity risks.  The presentation will provide hits and tips on how we can all meet our GBD obligations and outline where to go for more information (visit:    

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Martin Dingemanse
Mode Electrical

Join Martin from Mode Electrical at the Tasnetworks Exhibition Hall Main Stage as provides some important educational presentations and Q&A sessions on how to get the most from your solar batteries for both on-grid and off-grid systems. 


Torquil Canning
Tasmanian Lead
Australian Passive House Association

Tasmanians deserve to live  and work in healthy comfortable buildings that are inexpensive to heat and cool. We have all heard of Passive House but what actually is it? Passive House is an international building standard focused on health, comfort and energy efficiency in not only houses but also in schools, offices, apartments, hospitals etc.  APHA is a not-for-profit, an affiliate of the International Passive House Association & promotes the uptake of the Standard. APHA provides training for Architects, Building Designers and tradespersons.


John Bowden
Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service

Listen to Park Ranger John Bowden as he tells us how we can all to more to protect, live and care for our precious wildlife.   John will show us some of Tasmania's most fascinating wildlife, and give us tops on what we can do to help them survive.


Jiri Lev
Jiri Lev is an architect registered in TAS and NSW, urbanist, heritage advisor, educator and expert witness in legal proceedings. His atelier focuses primarily on sustainable, resilient and regionally appropriate residential, sacred and public architecture.
Jiri moved to Australia from Prague, Czech Republic in 2005.
Jiri is the founder of ArchiCamp, a grassroots architecture festival benefitting disadvantaged communities, the founder of Architects Assist, an initiative of 600 architecture firms providing pro bono disaster recovery assistance, the founder of, an initiative supporting cohousing and ecovillage development and most recently, the Forty Wall House, a live and lived-in experimental house.

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Wafaa Khalil
Kind Building Design
The pandemic has taught us the importance of our home environment to our health, especially during lock down. If you are thinking of designing a new home or a renovations and/or additions project, it pays to think about just how kind you want your home to be, and to make sure that you find a like-minded Building Designer and Builder, to help you realise your aspirations for your new home environment. The focus of this talk will be on home design for supporting our wellbeing and the wellbeing of our natural environment. Such homes do not only deliver beauty and functionality, they also support our health, they do not hinder our movement during different life stages, and are welcoming to family and friends who might have a temporary or permanent disability, they are also durable, they do not get too cold or too hot for our comfort, and they consume as little energy and materials as possible during their construction and ongoing use. Such homes are kind to us and to our world at large, making them environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable. Come and find out about options for creating a kind home, the design process at kind Building Design, and tips on writing your Design Brief..